Hopefield Fab investing in the future of local teens

Hopefield Fab - industry leaders in producing metal bar tops, over bar glass racks, under-counter units and decorative metalwork – are celebrating a year of hosting three apprentices. With a management team with over 80 years’ experience; they are the ideal traders to learn from. Current Hopefield Fab apprentices are Corey Salisbury (16), Jake Sawden [...]

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Hopefield Fab Ltd turn design concepts into reality

“It’s just what we do,” said Gary McClung, Managing Director of Hopefield Fab Limited, but what the company really does is take the ideas and concepts of leading designers and then turn these into fantastic installations. The company, which is an industry leader in the production of metal bar tops, over counter glass racks, under [...]

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Hopefield Fab, industry leaders in metalwork – now opening their doors to private clients

Previously focusing on the hospitality and leisure industry, popular demand sees Hopefield Fab officially open their doors for private clients looking for that luxury statement piece from February 2018. The beautiful bespoke pieces of metalwork in high-end luxury establishments for clients such as Rick Stein are all created from concept and installed by the industry [...]

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